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Should You Get A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Is your home 2001 or older? Would you like to have lower home insurance premiums and greater peace of mind that your home will be safe during Florida storms? You could have both if you start with a wind mitigation inspection.

With an average cost of $75 and an hour of your time, homeowners have the potential to shave hundreds of dollars off home insurance premiums and to gain pointers for making their homes safer during hurricanes.

Here's everything you need to know about this helpful (and potentially premium-reducing!) inspection:

  • The wind mitigation inspector (who needs to be a licensed and certified building contractor, architect or engineer) will take a close look at your home from the windows on up. He or she will need access to your attic or crawl space. They will also need to know the year your home was built and if any construction modifications have been made.
  • The inspector will likely start with a trip to your roof to determine the type of covering material and structure. The roof deck attachment will be analyzed, which means the inspector will determine the nail pattern used to attach your roof. He or she will also determine the way your walls are attached. Certain materials and nail patterns hold up better than others during high winds. Therefore, the type of materials used on your home and the way they are attached will determine how much of a discount you could receive from your insurance premium.
  • Next, your inspector will determine if a "Secondary Water Resistance" material was used between your covering material and roof deck. If all or part of your roof is damaged, this material helps to better protect the interior of your home and can significantly reduce your premium.
  • The final part of the inspection involves windows and doors, including garage doors, sky lights and glass block. Having hurricane shutters or pre-cut plywood that meets code regulations for thickness and quality can mean further discounts for you.

Your inspector is required to take and give you pictures as well as complete a standardized form (available at our office, along with a list of inspectors we endorse) that you then send to us, your insurance agent. The inspection is good for five years.

If you live in a moderate-to-low risk area and would like to purchase flood insurance, with coverage for your property’s contents, your premium may be lower than you think. Is it time you made the commitment?


Want to know more about wind mitigation inspections or their benefits? Contact Accredited Risk Advisor/Personal Lines Agent Elizabeth Woolridge at 386-734-0800 with any questions. Lane Insurance is here to help!