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Flood insurance: Do you need it?

You’re not living in a “flood zone.” Your home is relatively new. You already have homeowner’s insurance to protect you from severe weather.

But, it’s hurricane season in Florida. Before you commit to flood insurance, should you learn more about it? Take our quiz and check your knowledge with the answers below:

  • Standard home insurance policies cover flood. False
  • Standard home insurance policies do not cover damages caused by flood. Flood insurance is necessary to file claims for flood damage.  True
  • Most lenders require owners have flood insurance before they will grant a mortgage if you purchased a home in a moderate- to high-risk flood zone. True
  • Almost a quarter of all flood insurance claims originate from areas with low to moderate flood risk. True
  • You cannot get flood insurance on your property if it’s been flooded before. False
  • Most Americans do not purchase flood insurance. True

Though most homes have a 26 percent chance of flooding (versus a 9 percent chance of fire) during the course of a typical 30-year mortgage, most American homeowners don’t purchase flood insurance. But over the past decade, flood claims have averaged around $33,000 each. And, direct flood damages during 2014 (October 1, 2013 – September 30, 2014) totaled $2.86 billion!

If you live in a moderate-to-low risk area and would like to purchase flood insurance, with coverage for your property’s contents, your premium may be lower than you think. Is it time you made the commitment?

Flood insurance is an affordable policy that can save thousands of dollars and spare you many sleepless nights. Call your team at Lane Insurance about flood insurance options that best suit your situation. We have offices in DeLand (386-734-0800) and Edgewater (386-427-5201). Don’t regret not making the investment. Hurricane season is well underway; be ready with the right coverage.