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Hurricane Info

While relief agencies will help you after a hurricane, it may take days to clear roadways so utility crews can reach your neighborhood. Plan to be self-sufficient for up to a week. It is recommended that you do the following early in hurricane season.

Be Prepared

  • Two-week supply of prescription drugs
  • Special dietary foods
  • Cash or travelers checks
  • Blankets and sleeping bags
  • Flashlight and batteries with extra bulbs
  • Bottled water (one gallon per person per day for one week)
  • Water containers
  • Full tank of gas in car and extra set of keys
  • Important papers including ID
  • Valuables
  • Cooler
  • Personal Items
  • Infant necessities, including two-week supply of disposable diapers
  • Emergency cooking facilities
  • Manual can opener
  • Extra clothing
  • Safety matches in waterproof container
  • Battery-powered clock
  • Canned food and milk
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Disposable plates, glasses and utensils
  • Map of your area
  • Household chlorine bleach
  • Games and books
  • Boards, hammers and nails for windows

Although a lot of the above can be applicable, for our commercial clients, please go to the following link for "Hurricane Preparedness for your Business".

Contact us if you need any help with your claims after a hurricane.